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Louis Tomlinson is asking for privacy and respect for himself and his young son as he begins a custody battle with Freddie’s mother Briana Jungwirth.

The 24-year-old former One Direction crooner wants his son to “have a normal, private and protected childhood,” says a rep in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

It was there in West Baltimore on April 12, 2015, that Freddie Gray was arrested and placed into a police van before dying under still-murky circumstances a week later, where police clashed with students at a mall following Gray’s funeral, where protests erupted into riots that played in a seemingly endless loop on cable news.

Davis was then in his third month as Baltimore’s deputy police commissioner, and he remembers seeing images of the early unrest from command headquarters here and thinking: Our officers are not equipped for this. Gray’s death exposed the long-simmering mistrust between the city’s cops and the African-American communities they’re sworn to protect.

Tomlinson is asking for 50/50 physical and legal custody between him and his ex Jungwirth.

“And that trauma exists to this day.” Read more: What’s Behind Baltimore’s Record-Setting Rise in Homicides Over the last few months, Davis has worked to reshape both the department and the way it polices the city’s most violent communities.

And on April 27, Maryland State Senator Catherine Pugh won the Democratic nomination for mayor after the once-popular incumbent, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, chose not to run for re-election.

In this heavily Democratic city, Pugh is all but certain to be the next mayor.

The resulting protests—and the national attention they attracted—laid bare the systemic inequalities between poor, majority-black neighborhoods like Sandtown-Winchester, where Gray lived his entire brief life, and the city’s growing, majority-white neighborhoods surrounding the Inner Harbor.

The anemic response to the unrest had another consequence: Davis being named police commissioner after his predecessor Anthony Batts, who was widely criticized for his handling of the violence, was fired July 8.

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