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Naturally, I just kind of started talking about this process because it was so tough, and when I had two very influential people who I trusted say, “You need to really let this go," she was the one who said, “No. Even if you don’t get it, you’re going to do this for yourself …” So, she was the one who kind of coached me through sticking with it, and thank God I did.Prince-Bythewood: [Omar] was my first choice [for Quincy].A woman that wasn’t delicate, but rather, could hold her own on the court and trash talk with the best.And yes, still fall in love with the boy next door.I knew he was athletic, he’d actually been in two sports movies: “The Program” and “Higher Learning”.When I talked to him and met with him, he looked at the script and loved the character.She got sick and so they asked me to do it last minute …I don’t think I would’ve gotten the part if I didn’t take part in that and I think that was a year before she got the deal.

But I think part of it was also it was a film with two people of color in the lead in a love story. At that time, obviously there was the success of “Boyz in the Hood” and “Menace II Society” and this was something definitely different.She was better, but you couldn’t throw her out in a game and have her really hang.It just came down to finally my husband said, “Is this a basketball movie, or is it a love story?But again, it was what I wanted to see and what I felt we hadn’t had an opportunity to see.By 1998, Prince-Bythewood said taking the script to Sundance Institute Lab Program “really turned the tide for this film”, which was followed by a table reading in Los Angeles (that featured Sanaa Lathan reading for the role of Monica), and interest from both Spike Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks and New Line Cinema.

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