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The skiing on offer in Scotland has, arguably, never been better.

You might have heard, for example, some rave reviews of the snow conditions in recent years.

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More snow, over a longer period, means more skiing for you and your companions. Cairn Gorm has the largest number of season ticket holders for any ski resort in Scotland, so if you’re looking to go somewhere that’s been endorsed en-masse by large swathes of people; you’re in luck.

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Down in Aviemore, The Old Bridge Inn is excellent if you’re looking for beer, food, and live music.The snow at Glencoe might not be quite as reliable as it is at Cairn Gorm, but this brilliant Scottish ski resort has some of the most breathtaking natural terrain and scenery you will ever see.Due to the inconsistency of the snow, it’s difficult to prepare a trip here too far in advance so you might be better off treating it as a spur-of-the-moment destination for when it really starts dumping down.Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Adam Levine might think they're experts on everything, but there are some topics that should be left to more qualified individuals, particularly when it comes to the topic of dating."The smart spider diagram tool connects the stars of today's stage and screen to every old flame and new romance, uncovering the gossip and the back stories behind the world's most talked-about celebrity romances.

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    If you find exercise more relaxing, head to the on-site fitness center, and reward yourself afterward with a complimentary cookie in the lobby.

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