Scott speedman gwyneth paltrow dating

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He walked by three times and I kept thinking, "Who is this hot guy?

His hair is long and shaggy, not the best look for him. There he was on Christmas morning, on the Bloor/Danforth subway line, listening to tunes on his headphones.I was on my way home from work in NYC and I was walking right behind Scott and for some reason was compelled to ask if it was really him.He was by himself and I asked if he was the guy from Felicity.(Ed note: Who was filming a vampire/werewolf movie in Budapest in September? About halfway through his set, I noticed (potential client) Keri Russell and her beau Scott Speedman in the crowd!You do the math.) I think some people are intimidated by me asking questions beyond 'what's your name? But I've met some really interesting people that way. I leaned over and told my cousin that they were there, and she nearly sprang out of her chair, gasping, "Where? " She's kind of a big fan of Keri's, to put it mildly, tee hee.

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