Scottsdale dating scene

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Development and analysis of accounting information for managerial planning and control.Prerequisites: A grade of "C" or better in (ACC111 and ACC112), or ACC211, and (CIS105 or permission of Department or Division).Survey of American Indian history with emphasis on the last 200 years including developments in the 20th century.Focuses on selected groups such as the Cherokee, Iroquois Confederation, Navajo, Sioux and Indians of the Southwest in relation to cultural, economic, political and social continuity and changes.Focuses on working from residential and commercial layouts to develop professional quality roof, roof framing, floor framing and foundation plans.

Topics discussed include blood, drugs, blood alcohol, hairs and fibers, and topics of special interest in criminalistics. Examines the history, structure and activities of organized crime groups.Reviews theories explaining the existence of organized crime and enforcement strategies used to combat it. Study of deviance, society's role in defining behavior; theories of criminality and the economic, social, and psychological impact of crime; relationships between statistics and crime trends. General Education Designations: SB Examines techniques used to reconstruct the physical actions that occurred at a crime or accident scene.Examines crime victimization and the various types of crime and categories of offenders. Involves the use of physical, testimonial, and documentary evidence, knowledge of criminal modus operandi and the scientific method, including deductive and inductive logic. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in AJS215 or AJS216 or AJS219 or AJS275 or FOR105 or permission of Instructor.Focuses on the design and writing of a complete grant proposal related to a selected problem or issue.Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in ENG102 or ENG108.

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