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But thanks to extensive research and years of studies in the field, I have become proficient in the modern language of Tinder. slang used by dudes who are way too young for you BBBW Tindernym for “big, beautiful black woman”BBW Tindernym for “big, beautiful woman”bencher dude who texts you once in a while but never makes plans bipolar disorder 1.

I may have forgotten college French, but I can happily boast fluency in online swipe-speak. also known as “bipolar affective disorder” and “manic-depressive illness” 2. super-important first profile picture also referred to as “primary photo” 2.

That’s not to take anything away from the female experts who are amazing at helping their clients find love, but they’re still not single Jewish men (and never will be, I hope). But prior to my matrimonial leap I spent 15 years on the Upper West Side, living the life of an (above) average single Jewish man, so I think I might be able to give you a peek into that dark and mysterious place that is the single Jewish male mind.

The most important thing about men that women need to know is this: When a man is romantically interested in a woman he will do whatever it takes to be with her.

When a man is interested he’ll shoot first and ask questions later.

Granted he might retain enough presence of mind to refrain from sleeping with her, but he won’t just take a hug if he can get more.

So Heather, Amy, and all the other lovely single Jewish ladies out there trying to understand why the guy they’re physically or verbally dating isn’t making his move, please remember this one line and be confused no longer: When a man is romantically interested in a woman he will do whatever it takes to be with her.

He also appreciates the gifts that Svetlana is giving him, and he’s not ready to give those up. Svetlana might not be fulfilling Jared in the intellectual department, but he can get that fulfillment elsewhere, like from Heather.Or maybe he’ll just end up marrying Svetlana and continue committing conversational adultery. Andrew It sounds like Heather solved that mystery after the Liberace dream.There are four reasons I can think of why Andrew would not get physical with a willing Heather: 1. He’s not attracted to women (why he would date a woman is beyond the scope of this article) 4.Therefore, for those still in Tindergarten, the following is a list of relevant terms and expressions for online dating so you can be in the loop, be in the know, and know when to swipe on. numerical sequence representing the number of letters in each word of “I love you” 2. mental disorder characterized by periods of elevated mood and periods of depression3. most important decision you will ever make in your lifecamboy 1.term generally used by dudes when a chick jumps the gun and tells him she loves him after, like, the third date (“Chick went all 143 on me.”)AP1. term used by dudes to indicate “super fun” when they are too stupid to know that anything to do with “ass” or “pooping” does not turn us on ATM 1. condition suffered by 100% of ex-wives and ex-girlfriends of men on Tinder—and according to 100% of the men on Tinder, the reason for the breakup BNO Tindernym for “boys’ night out” (Precious.) body by Mattel dude’s description of a chick whose body is more plastic than real bye, Felicia 1. when someone says he or she is leaving and nobody gives a shit, that person’s name becomes “Felicia,” people roll their eyes, and then go back to whatever; her real name doesn’t matter—because nobody gives a shit; for example:“I’m outta here! male “model” who seduces you with bullshit texts and photos and then surprises you with footage of him masturbating, thinking this will compel you to pay for his “sexual services”; generally for his own perv thrill but often successful in solicitation of money (Note: If you succumb to this, I will hunt you down and make you eat fried liver and onions. Ladies, enough of the lip filler; you are role models for your daughters EMFP 1.

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