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In yesterday’s post I wrote on how to create thumbnails using Vision API in Project Oxford. Net community to create thumbnails, this stands for creating the miniature bearing in mind the main content of the original image.

For this, this process uses Vision API capabilities to detect “the main areas” in the image, and using this as source it create the required thumbnail.

The following parameters will be transmitted with comma separators.

Head rotation X Head rotation Y Head rotation Z Brow Left UP Brow Left Down Brow Right UP Brow Right Down Brow Centering Brow outer left down Brow outer right down Eye Close Left Eye Close Right Mouse Open Mouse Left Smile Mouse Right Smile Mouse Left Spread Mouse Right Spread Mouse Left Frawn Mouse Right Frawn Mouse Left Centering Mouse Right Centering Cheek Left UP Cheek Right UP Left Eye Rotation X Left Eye Rotation Y Left Eye Rotation Z Right Eye Rotation X Right Eye Rotation Y Right Eye Rotation Z 6-1 Strength of expression sensitivity You can control the strength of expression slider sensitivity.

In upcoming posts I will comment on the detail of the use of this API, however an interesting detail is that we already have some Nu Get packages for working with these APIs.

Still they are not PCLs, so we use only in Desktop projects, but with 10 minutes of work, you can create your PCL implementation...

If your mocep result is noisy, please increase this value.

6-3 Real and Cartoonish control Changing this value affects deformation strength of facial expression.

Sex cam on video kinect-6

We recommend using 800 Click the [Start calibrating] button if you are ready.

*You have to purchase a f-clone license and enter a activation code to use this function.

If you check this checkbox f-clone will broad cast real time mocap data to specific websocket address.

Users will be able to make music by moving their faces to different positions on the screen.

This is accomplished by creating a grid of cells and assigning a unique sound to each cell.

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