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Elliot is sitting on a few undisclosed Android vulnerabilities.

Those are the zero-days he’s talking about — so-named because Google has had zero days to fix the bug.

Metaphorical bluster aside, this is pretty close to how exploits get built.

Darlene dropped a hint in the IRC chat last week that the FBI switching from Android to Blackberry phones had given them an opening — and now we know what she meant.

Non è un caso che siano proprio le suore missionarie a risentirsi di più nei confronti di certi modelli di donna proposti oggi dai media.

Of course, all of those were disclosed and patched — but if Elliot decided saving the world from capitalism was more important than a secure mobile ecosystem, there would be nothing stopping him from keeping the bug to himself.For a femtocell to provide actual coverage, it needs to be connected to the network.That usually means plugging it into an Ethernet port, but that seems somewhat tricky under the circumstances!Ritter says the best protection would be a phone-based opt-out, giving the user an explicit choice when a femtocell appeared as the nearest connection — but so far, no phone companies have decided that security measure is worth the hassle.The trickiest thing for fsociety will be keeping the femtocell plugged in and discreet.

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