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Today you'll have free time in Wroclaw or you may choose to visit the Panorama of Raclawice, an enormous circular painting (more than 100 metre long) depicting the battle of Raclawice.

Wroclaw is home to many small and quirky bars and micro-breweries so there are plenty of options available to quench your thirst after a day spent exploring.

Alternatively you could visit the castle which was previously owned by the wealth Bohemian Lobkowitz family or spend time discovering the charming Old Town and climb to the top of the Post-Evangelical Church Tower to get the best views over the streets below.

This morning we head out on foot to explore the Old Town district.

With cobblestone streets, historic squares and gothic churches, it's easy to understand why the Old Town is top of every visitor's 'must see' list.

If we travel by train then we will pass near to the location of the reputed 'gold train' site where many people believe a train packed with Nazi gold from World War II was hidden in a secret tunnel that has yet to be found.

At the castle you can either visit just the main fort or also the World War II tunnels which formed part of the Nazi 'Riese' complex.

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