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During this period of some 10,000 generations the human family (probably originating in Africa) diversified and spread to the various continents (including the Chinese and Karen in Asia, the Semitic peoples of Mesopotamia, Australian aborigines, North and South American Indians, and the European ancestors, as well as those who stayed in Africa). - conversion of Augustine; death of his mother Monica 405 AD. - Johann Gutenberg produced the first printed Bible 1478 AD. - Michelangelo completed the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco 1517 AD. - Babylonian captivity and prophetic writings c.563 BC. - death and resurrection of Jesus, beginning of early church, Pentecost, conversion of Saul c.30 AD - letters of Paul begin c.50 AD. "Blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." c.340 - birth of St."Love All, Serve All" 1971 - Intel developed the first microprocessor on a single silicon chip 1972 - Women's Retreat at Cedarmore 1972 - Free to Be...You and Me produced by Marlo Thomas and friends 1972 - Supplemental Chancel organ (to left of the podium) dedicated 1973 - First women deacons ordained in Jan at CHBC [Woodward, Cook, Kent] 1973 - Richard Nixon 2nd inauguration 1973 - Vietnam 4 party Paris peace pact signed in Jan; last US troops left Mar 1973 - Roe v. Martin Cooper,etal of Motorola, invented and made first call on portable cell phone in April 1973 - Dr. seniors (topic: "This Is My Father's World") 1973 - Gallery (balcony) organ dedicated in June 1973 - "Joy Shop" began in conjunction with VBS activities 1973 - CHBC worship broadcast on WHAS radio for limited time 1973 - Watergate events 1973 - Dr.Rust 1953 - Church adopted 0,000 plan to enlarge facility with educ bldg and gym 1954 - First of many Sweetheart Banquets for Youth of CHBC 1954 - Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka ruled school racial seg illegal 1954 - Sam Phillips cut Elvis Presley's first record "That's All Right" on July 5 in Memphis 1954 - "Captain Kangaroo" began on CBS 1955 - Rose Marlowe retired from mission work (China 1921-1950, Japan 1950-55) 1955 - First of many Training Union Weeks at Cedarmore 1955 - Rosa Parks civil disobedience on Dec 1, 1955 1956 - "Baptist Hymnal" published 1956 - Ground-breaking service for new CHBC education/recreation building -- May 6 1956 - Billy Graham Greater Louisville Crusade - Sept, Oct 1956 - Cornerstone service for new CHBC building - Oct 7th 1957 - CHBC education and recreation facility opened (later called "Burhans" addition) 1957 - church library opened 1957 - Dwight D.Eisenhower 2nd inauguration 1957 - Youth train trip to Billy Graham Crusade in New York [photo](MLK July) 1957 - Federal troops to Little Rock in Sep to enforce desegregation decree blocked by Gov.

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Howell 1977 - Jimmy Carter inauguration 1977 - Jimmy Carter declared an unconditional amnesty for draft resisters (Vietnam era) 1977 - "Roots" - the 26 hr miniseries - aired on ABC (Jan 30th - 3rd most watched TV show) 1977 - Elvis Presley died in August 1977 - Dr.Sumter at 4am, April 12 marked official beginning of the Civil War 1862 - SBTS closed 1862-Oct 1865 due to the Civil War 1863 - Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Jan 1 1863 - Gettysburg battle (July 1-3), Vicksburg surrender (July 4) 1863 - Lincoln's Gettysburg Address November 19 1865 - Jan 31, the House of Rep passed the 13th ammendment abolishing slavery 1865 - March - Abraham Lincoln 2nd inauguration 1865 - Gen R. Roosevelt 1st inauguration 1933 - FDR launched the "New Deal in March 1933 - 21st amendment repealed Prohibition 1933 - In the depths of the Depression church averted foreclosure with heroic giving, many taking second mortgages on their homes. discontinuing groups of those 16 yr and under to combat Polio 1935 - Bill Wilson & Bob Smith outlined the 12-step program that became foundation of AA 1935 ? 1941 - US entered WWII with Pearl Harbor bombing Dec 7 1941 - Thomas Merton entered Gethsemane in December 1942 - Dr. Fuller elected sixth President of seminary 1942 - Clarence Jordan founded Koinonia Farms near Americus, GA (He worshiped at CHBC) 1943 - franchise purchased in Church Softball league for youth to join 1944 - D-Day June 6 1945 - Russians liberated Auschwitz (Holocaust evidence) January 27 1945 - Franklin D. Eisenhower 1st inauguration 1953 - Watson and Crick described the double helix configuration of DNA 1953 - CHBC working in West Louisville with the Bridge Mission 1953 - Korean War armistice signed July 27.1933 - The Euzelian Class for Young Married Women was organized in Sept with Mrs. 1953 - Oral contraceptive pill introduced ("Enovid" approved by FDA in 1960) 1953 - One of many Youth Weeks (started ___) 1953 - CHBC began Beechwood Baptist Church with 114 of her members, including Dr.1803 - Long Run Baptist Association formed in September (24 churches from 8 counties) 1803 - Lewis met Clark in Louisville on Oct 14 as they continued recruiting for the "Corps of Discovery" 1804 - Lewis and Clark set out from St. 1813 - Ann and Adoniram Judson arrived in Rangoon, Burma (now Union of Myanmar). for preliminary organizational strategy and then formal organization meeting January 12 in the basement of the old Crescent Hill Methodist Church.) 1908 - CHBC adopted the Philadelphia Confession of 1742 and the "Church Covenant" (of later vintage) at its organizational meeting 1908-1910 -- until the first building at Birchwood and Frankfort, the church met in William Hartmetz's Crescent Hardware House for two years. Lindbergh's 33 1/2 hr non-stop flight from US to Paris on May 21 1927 - Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs as Yankee 1927 - "talking movies" began to replace the silent ones in Oct (Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer") 1927 - "Anti-Saloon League" granted permission to use the CH building for activities 1927 - Masonic Home established at its present location on Shelbyville Rd. Matthews Baptist Church organized 1928 - Herbert Hoover defeated the Catholic Al Smith for presidency 1928 - Issue of "Good News" for June indicates Missionary John Mein spoke to WMS 1928 - Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in Sept. 1936 - BBC in London inaugurated television service 1936 - New Clifton Baptist Church building erected 1937 - Franklin D. Burhans became fifth CHBC pastor in Oct and served - Dead Sea Scrolls dating to 22 BC. Truman inauguration 1949 - Pat Shipp and Monty Justice crowned Queen and King of May at annual Youth Banquet 1949 - Mao Zedong declared the birth of the communist People's Republic of China 1949 - transistor invented 1950 - 1.5 million TV sets in US; one year later 15 million 1950 - "T-Bar-V" local children's show began and ran for 20 years with Randy Atcher et al.Louis on their expedition of "Undaunted Courage." 1807 - Great Britain's House of Lords, influenced by William Wilberforce, abolished the African Slave Trade 1808 - United States abolished slave trade from overseas 1808 - Abraham Lincoln born in Larue Co, KY, Feb 12 1813 - First Bapt Church formed in L'ville (over Campbell controversy split to 1st and 2nd Bapt); origin of Walnut St. His labors would eventually result in many of the Karens becoming Baptist 1833 - Great Britain abolished slavery in British Empire. Eaton alerted the Long Run Assoc of potential for new church in Crescent Hill 1891 - St. Mullins elected fourth President of seminary 1901 - William Mc Kinley 2nd inauguration 1901 - William Mc Kinley assassinated in Sept 1901 - Theodore Roosevelt served out Mc Kinley's term of office 1903 - Orville and Wilbur Wright's successful flight of powered airplane 1905 - Theodore Roosevelt 2nd inauguration 1907 - Crescent Hill Branch Library erected at Birchwood and Frankfort 1907 - WMU Training School opened in Louisville Oct 2, 1907 (later renamed Carver School) 1907 - 43 members from Clifton Bapt Church met at Shouse home Dec 29 to begin the process of forming a new church (CHBC). 1908 - Cubs won the World Series defeating the Detroit Tigers in five games. Griffith became first CHBC pastor October 1908 1908 - William Howard Taft elected President 1908 - Ford produced first Model "T" automobile 1908 - Organizational date given for the Crescent Hill Branch Library 1909 - William Howard Taft inauguration 1909 - Howard Camnitz pitched for Pittsburgh Pirates who def. (In 1945 he'd receive a Nobel Prize) 1928 - Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse as "Steamboat Willie" in November 1929 - Herbert Hoover inauguration 1929 - Dr. Sampey elected fifth President of seminary 1929 - Stock Market crash on Oct 29 and beginning of the Great Depression 1929 - 2nd St. Roosevelt 2nd inauguration 1937 - 1937 flood in Louisville 1938 - Dr. found in Wadi Qumran 1947 - "Howdy Doody" premiered on NBC (remained on air until 1960) 1948 - "Ed Sullivan Show" premiered 1948 - Israel declared an independent state 1948 - adult choir [photo] 1948 - Selective Service Act (the draft continued until 1973) 1948 - Cleveland Indians won World Series defeating Boston Braves in six games. 1950 - Alumni Memorial Chapel dedicated at seminary (CHBC sanctuary not used for SBTS convocations) 1950 - North Korean forces invaded South Korea June 25.

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