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She later recalled being rejected as a drummer in the sixth grade band and, in ninth grade, being told by a coach that at 5 feet 9 she was too short to play on the basketball team.

In high school she worked cleaning offices at night for 30 hours a week, and she was a typist for the yearbook, her only extracurricular activity.

Stanton was hired away from Berea to become assistant city manager in Largo, Florida in August 1990.

Stanton worked under city manager Stephen Bonczek until April 20, 1993 when Bonczek resigned under pressure from city commissioners, who were unhappy with Bonczek's poor relationship with city workers and unions.

Commissioner Cara Jennings said she favored Stanton because of her team-building approach to managing city staff.

Vice Mayor Jo-Ann Golden stated, "I thought she had the right temperament for our city and, truthfully, I learned a lot from her." Lake Worth, a city of about 37,000 people, near the ocean in Palm Beach County offered Stanton an annual salary of 0,000.

The policy applied to city employees and prohibited discriminatory conduct both in the workplace and in any work-related setting, such as during business trips.

The policy included definitions of harassment and retaliation, and explained that sexual harassment could involve individuals of the same or different gender.

She continued to collect women's items, but purged them with each new job.

In 2016, Greenfield became one of the most progressive communities in Monterey County to regulate dispensing, cultivation and the manufacture of medical marijuana.

In 2003, a contentious debate took place in Largo over a proposed human rights ordinance that would prohibit discrimination in the municipality based on race, religion, gender, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

City Clerk Henry Schubert was reassigned at the same time to the post of assistant city manager.

Both assignments were open-ended, with the commission delaying its decision on a permanent city manager until later that year.

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