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The Black Republican cherry is relatively small in size, with a rotund shape, deep purple color, firm flesh and intense black cherry flavor.Although it was highly regarded by many growers, it lost favor because of its smaller size and tendency to be slightly astringent when not fully ripe. The Black Sphinx is a distinctive variety of date discovered as a rogue seedling in Phoenix, Arizona in 1928.Described simply as “a classic white-fleshed peach, firm of texture yet succulent, with a honeyed sweetness”, it’s easy to understand why from year to year, Georgian residents looked forward to the two weeks in August when peach trees ripened and bore large, luminously white peaches with regal crimson sun-kissed cheeks.Who, young or old, could resist flocking to orchards to pick and eat the fresh fruit? A luscious and aromatic oil for salads or frying, this was the premier oil of the Southern US until it was replaced by less flavorful alternatives that were better suited to industrial more...The tomatoes are teardrop or heart-shaped with a brilliant red orange color.The Amish Paste tomato has a balance of acid and sweetness. This squash, which is also referred to by its Latin name, Curcurbita maxima, was obtained by James Robinson from Amish gardeners in the mountains of Maryland.Andy Mariani, of Andy’s Orchard in Morgan Hill, California found the peach at the laboratory and grew it out in his orchard. This wild growing fruit, native to the sandy soils of the North Atlantic coast, is highly prized for the tart and complex preserves communities in the region have prepared in their homes for more...

The origin of the Latin name sapidissima means “most delicious.” Once the most important commercial fish, American Shad peaked in the 1940’s and dramatically dropped to its present low.Deer Tongue lettuce, also known as Matchless lettuce, dates back to the early 1740s, whereas the Amish Deer Tongue lettuce is variety from a later era--circa 1840.The name, deer tongue, comes from its pointed leaves that are triangularly shaped with green straight edges. This heirloom tomato was discovered in Wisconsin although its origins are in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is the heart of the Amish Country. Foods are listed alphabetically by the most common name used for them.In some cases the scientific name and other common names can be found in the full description of an item.

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