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Bart Simpson - Cannot remember what the sample consists of, but is in there. " (female singing on the background) Does any one know this song?The samples are all generally marijuana-related, but as I said before, a DJ is scratching over all of them. Get money everyday Don’t stop, Don't stop Gotta Fresh new fit Imma a rock, I'm a rock putting I was in getting that G'z ,that G'z Imma make sure Y'all know me, Know me, Know me that's right, Imma get that Paper everyday, every night every night Know me, Know me that's right, Imma get that Paper everyday, every night hello i am from Greece i m a new member in this site.okay here's the deal I'm 25 years old before i was Evan 10 years old something 8 or 9 i believe there was a song i used to love but only heard it on the radio a few times and never heard it again it was very short lived that was way the hell back in 1994 or 95 We used to call it the dip dip song (this is not any song by Freak Nasty) I've been looking for this track that has eluded me over half my life so i will give the best details as far as what i can remember please keep in mind that i was a little boy last time i heard this track so some details my be wrong but here they are: 1.This song is not Da Dip By Freak Nasty (so if you were gonna say Freak Nasty your wrong this came out before Da Dip.Watchm.Hey guys, at first - sorry for my english, I'm from the Czech Republic :-) i found this conversation during the trying to find song, so maybe you yould help me.

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All i can say is that is a man who sings and the music starts with :::"" she was, young girl""".I am looking for an artist...might be a tough one,'s 90's artist (might even have been two) and somewhat similar to scooter (megaphone music) they had some great tunes and would use a megaphone to get their lyrics far as I can remember, one song contained the words "bring that beat back" and another one get me higher... It sounds like new jack swing and done by females (maybe group).And that the chorus could be sung by another singer ---"""" do you really want me baby """"-- please help me thanksss a lot if you can.hell my name is big franc if the song your looking for is called dip baby dip came out in 1995 from the group breakdown out of Daytona beach fl I am one of the artist on this song at the time I went by the name a.g. This was like a house type of jam that they played and Newark New Jersey it sounded like a baby in the background it could have been the Asian woman and the lyrics were aye aye aye baby aye baby doot doot doot doot da doot .it repeats ??

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