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Not everyone who appears here has been convicted of a crime.Do not rely on this site to determine any person’s actual criminal record.America is built to survive indefinite conflict over differing visions.Our founders knew that Americans would persistently and constantly disagree.Even robust republics are strained by constant application of “principles” like “free speech for me, but not for thee” or “by any means necessary.” When I watch Clinton apologists and advocates speaking of honesty and dignity — and Obama officials who lied to the American public for their own political gain acting indignant at Trump’s untruths — I know this is all part of their game.

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The newfound love for law enforcement is almost amusing given years of sweeping, unjustified, and often false indictments of police since the rise of Black Lives Matter.

And what about the norm of putting country over party?

The media even now is looking for Republicans with the “courage” to stand against their own president.

As I’ve written before, the United States is in the grips of two simultaneous culture wars: a war over our national vision and a war over our national values.

The war over our national vision is the classic culture war that most Americans understand — Will America be pro-life or pro-choice? The battle over values asks you fight for these outcomes — Will you lie?

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