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"I don't want to be afraid of life or anything else." (She kissed his chest as the soundtrack continued): "I want a guy with spirit and guts.A guy who can laugh at anything, who will do anything, a guy who can kick over the traces and win the world for me." In the end, Monica contemplated that she would "roll the dice," let go of the responsibilities of her life and join Jesse on his way to Mexico.Director Michael Chapman's PG-13 rated sports/romantic drama was an absorbing coming-of-age film.Both of its main 'teenaged' characters were up-and-coming stars who were just beginning their careers and in their early 20s.Soon after, a rescue attempt was made by an expedition commissioned by Diana's ill and dying mother Hermine (Lina Romay) for her daughter.Greedy, white haired, and drunken uncle Mathieu ('co-director' Olivier Mathot) and his adulterous, red-haired, low-cut tank-top-wearing young wife Lita (Ana Stern), who were in line to inherit the family fortune, accompanied the expedition - and did not want the heiress to return alive.

He tentatively removed her slip, while she removed his jeans, and they stood naked together, kissing before making love in the bed.The majority of the film revolved around the struggle of Stef to be respected by headstrong coach Nickerson (Craig T.Nelson), and to receive a sports football scholarship for college - eventually fulfilled with Cal Poly Tech by the film's sappy and feel-good happy ending. Plarr had a totally passionless affair with Clara, who spent most of her screen time pouting and half-naked in obligatory sex scenes, as the mistress of Plarr." Ericka: (grabbing her arm and warning): "Doin' time can get dangerous, even deadly. Think it over."When she went to the perverted, vile and corrupt Warden Bacman (John Vernon) to complain, after seeing dead inmate Spider in a bathroom stall, he called her a "pretty little Lolita." He grabbed her hair when she tried to escape from the locked office, slapped her, and menacingly approached, mumbling to himself: "I should be taping this goddamned thing." He ripped the front of her prisoner garb and her bra, and assaulted her after knocking her unconscious.Later, when she was found wet and recovering in the shower stall, she told her friend Val: "It was so awful...

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