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ALASKA: Officials at the Anchorage Police Department say they don't know how many kits, tested or untested they have in storage.

The rest are from known suspects: 9 from 2006, 23 from 2007, 52 from 2008 and 66 from 2009.

Steve Guroff at the San Diego County Sheriff's Department crime lab says their law enforcement agency tests all rape kits regardless of the circumstances of the rape as of April 2009.

The Oakland Police Department has a few hundred kits in its regular queue at the crime lab but this year they did a "hard census" of their untested kits in storage and found 489 untested kits from "solvable" stranger rapes that they realized they should have tested but never did.

The California state crime lab system is also helping the Los Angeles Police Department and the Santa Monica Rape Crisis Center with rush cases where the turnaround can be as quick as five days. At last check the LAPD had tested thousands of kits but were still working their way through a remaining 2,937 kits.

However, LAPD's new Chief Charles Beck says the department now tests all kits. County Sheriff's Department sent a statement to CBS News saying the number of untested kits in their possession is now at 3,777, down from 4,673 due to ongoing testing.

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