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But now the real estate billionaire is defending his tweet, which took aim at President Barack Obama for what he said was a failure to use his influence as the first black U. president to quell boiled-over urban racial tensions. It would even look good.'Fiorina's unceremonious firing by HP's board has led to questions about her management and leadership styles.

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE: Gangs like the Crips and Bloods, which have historically slaughtered each other in vicious turf wars, have reportedly united to target law enforcement officers in the wake of the death of police suspect Freddie Gray During a town-hall event at New England College, Trump claimed Mexico is 'the new China,' and proposed building 'the greatest wall between our country and Mexico that you ever saw. And her only political experience has been a failed Senate bid in 2010 against Barbara Boxer.

He has alienated conservatives, though, by embracing immigration reform and 'Common Core' education standards.

Graham was a non-factor until a March summit in Iowa where he stole the show and put himself on the map. John Mc Cain has praised him as the best person to help right America's foreign-relations ship Kasich is a popular governor in the battleground Buckeye State, but has little name-recognition elsewhere.

And her performance surrounding the 2012 terror attack on a State Department facility in Benghazi, Libya, has been catnip for conservative Republicans. His brother Larry is a Green Party politician in the UK and formerly served on the Oxfordshire County Council.

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But in this, as in much of what Trump says, it's more about the broad strokes than the details.) week or so earlier, I'd been summoned to Trump's office at his glitter-bomb cathedral, Trump Tower.There's a Starbucks somewhere up in the sky-high atrium, not far from the 60-foot waterfall.You fight the urge to dunk your head in the pool where it collects, and try, instead, to regain your wits on the whooshing ride up to the 26th floor.He has accommodated liberals on some issues and could be seen as a more palatable version of Jeb Bush for Republicans who are anxious about electing a family dynasty.Perry was a top-tier candidate in 2012 until his 'Oops!

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    Buying into the overblown claims such books make, he argues, can lead to you blaming yourself for failure when you don’t achieve the outcome you hoped for — and avoiding treatments that actually work. Furthermore, very little of the advice offered in self-help books has been tested scientifically, despite the fact that there are ways to do so.

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