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"I appeared in an NBC Special with KISS, John Mellencamp and even George Harrison (BTW: He told me HIS favorite Beatle song was , George: KFWB, 1961; KABC, 1973.

He had suffered from Parkinson's disease for many years as the self-indulgent millionaire Thurston Howell III on Gilligan's Island for three seasons beginning in 1964.

Demonstrators protesting price hikes and high unemployment turned out in cities and towns across the country, taking aim not only at Rouhani’s economic policies but also targeting the cleric-ruled government, in an extraordinary display of public dissent.

Footage emerged of demonstrators appearing to break into government offices.

But the biggest blockbuster was not a movie: It was the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Los Angeles police arrested Tyler Barriss on Friday in connection with the death of a Wichita, Kan., man who was killed by police after someone called 911 to falsely report a shooting and hostage situation.

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    However, when it came time to cut it off or have a relationship, I cut it off.

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