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It only took them seven years to acquire their first slaves, from whom they could order their daily bread rather than request it.The Invasion Of Louisiana In late February, 1699, Pierre le Moyne d’Iberville, his brother Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville, and a small group of soldiers, sailors, and artisans dropped anchor in Biloxi Bay.(Thy Black Contrary to popular belief, African Americans are by no means a homogeneous population.They are composed of a variety, of now overlapping, but originally much more distinct, ethnic strands.American Indians had never been exposed to the diseases Europeans brought with them, and consequently lacked the immunities Europeans had built up over countless generations of exposure. Further, Indian religious leaders and Elders complained bitterly when young people in their towns began to rely on European trade goods guns, knives, iron kettles instead of making their own tools in the traditional way.The proselytizing of Christian missionaries was especially reviled.

For example, Jean Baptiste Pont du Sable, who founded Chicago was a Creole.In their times of need, even soldiers from the military garrisons abandoned their barracks and sought refuge in Indian towns.Indians always took them in and fed and housed them for weeks and even months at a time.However, few really celebrate this aspect of their heritage.Fifty years ago, in North Carolina especially, there were large groups of people who saw themselves as Black Indians. Franklin Frazier discusses them in depth in The Negro Family in the United States.

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