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And if someone you don’t personally know sent a friend request or messaged you, do not entertain them. In connection with the above-mentioned tip, be wary of your online acquaintances as well.If someone surprisingly started to pry on your personal affairs, keep your guard up and be doubtful.Anthony Weiner’s cellphone records subpoenaed in sexting probe “I will introduce the ‘Anthony Weiner Bill’ to close loopholes where adults can get away with creepy behavior,” said Hart.Weiner made yet another unwanted return to the headlines Wednesday when his cyber-relationship with a 15-year-old North Carolina high school student was exposed.

Most social networking sites have their report button for this and other related instances.The Philippine National Police (PNP) has advised to keep your sensitive day-to-day activities private.If you can’t resist posting your pictures and activities online, tone it down.The criminals will do their best to keep the momentum of the conversation going.When the victim has fallen to their trap, criminals will now go for the kill.

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