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Or they may be too much of a coward to break up with you. ] If you can’t end a complication with conversations and assurances, perhaps both of you are just not meant to be. Sometimes, it’s easier to end a relationship and walk away especially if there are way too many complications involved.But if you really do love your partner and are willing to work on the relationship again, take a chance.But you have to remember that complicated relationships almost always never work.When you’re the one stuck in the painful end of a complicated relationship, it only means that your partner is using you or is just too selfish to care about anyone but themselves.On the other hand, in a shorter relationship, the novelty of the new relationship may have worn off or your date may just not want to go out with you anymore for several reasons. [Read: How to have a perfect new relationship] Speak to your partner The easiest way to solve any complicated relationship is by talking about it with your partner.You may find it easier to live in denial and avoid confronting the situation.If you’re on the receiving end of a complicated relationship, don’t try to solve the complication just yet.

Almost all the time, people in a complicated relationship fail to see the problem because they’re either not interested in acknowledging a problem or too clouded by emotions to accept reality.But even if you have to talk to your partner at the cost of losing a relationship or ending it altogether, do it. In most complicated relationships, one partner may be too much of a coward to end a relationship and may find it easier to avoid a partner and hope they get the hint.While you may be blissfully trying to deal with your complicated relationship status, your partner may have moved on with someone else.A few stories reference a specific Jake and those really need to be read as corollaries, being grounded in a specific Jake world.Fully, to understand any of my Philippine stories, it is best to have already read either Jake-Joyfully or Jake with Ganda.

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