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This volume includes some 3,900 signatures and monograms examples of how some 2,300 sign their works."Signature membership (for artists) means all those people who have qualified to use a set of letters after their surname and be known as a full member of an art society.The process of becoming a signature member is almost always defined by a set of criteria which varies from art society to art society.I started the study for this site while sat in the City of London reference library reading a book about the signatures of artists and how to tell whether or not they were real. I've been looking around to see what information is available in books and on the internet ever since!

If the image appears elsewhere on the web under your artist profile, others may find out who completed it by using Google image search.

) is to assign a number to each panel and then indicate that it is part of a larger work i.e. 2/3 meaning second panel of three in total) in the same way people do when creating a run of prints Signing a pastel drawing - where you've not covered all the paper is easy enough - however it's not easy to sign a pastel painting where the whole of the support is covered.

In addition some surfaces work better than others if you want to include your signature as opposed to a monogram.

Things you need to think about which are specific to pastels I RECOMMEND that you always try experimenting with different methods before signing a pastel painting proper and see which one works best for you. The general recommendation is always to sign with the medium you are using however below are " The process used for creating a monogram for use in published documents is also one which can be used when trying out different ways you can create a monogram from a selection of all or one initials in your artist's name.

The basic principle of signing a painting is to indicate that you produced it.

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