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I now understand why Luca Turin considers RG a descendant of DN!Oddly though he says RG has no sweetness, but I find DN is the one with no sweet element.RG has a more obvious patchouli and talcum powder accord, but the base of DN gets very dry and powdery with hints of the same notes.The dihydromyrcenol is more obvious in DN and makes the composition sharper and more aromatic (plus there's an obvious green pine element), but it's also very bar-soapy, while RG is creamier, like shave soap.People will pay so much for these allegedly daring niche animalic leather chypres when this is around, everywhere, for no money and in great shape. Drakkar Noir was fantastic fragnance, remember having one in 80's.Just from pure curiosity I tried one last week while walking through duty free shop. It was something totaly different, just some alchocol based uninspiring scent.My second gripe is that this smell is very heavy and complex in nature which limits it's wearing abilities to cool or colder weather only, and don't even think about wearing this during the daytime, it doesn't work, this is for sure a nighttime only scent.My personal opinion according to my bitchy and seasoned nose that likes very little is that Drakkar Noir has been assembled ridiculously well.

I have 2 gripes about Drakkar, one is about the atomizer, it's incredibly cheap and crappy.You can always feel and sense this wafting sporadically around you while adorning it and due to that complex scent pyramid there's zero olfactory fatigue whatsoever for the entire long and drawn out duration.I'm telling you, the drydown on this stuff is a killer dopamine inducer.However, I really like "Drakker Gauche" and recently picked-up a 100ml bottle after having finished my one-ounce gift bottle. Finally, the more mature ladies seems to love Drakker Noir much more than the younger ones, but that's fine with me since I'm not a kid and I enjoy wearing this one at the office.I recently compared the drydown of the latest version of this one to the mid of Rive Gauche PH (tin can version) and I finally smell how similar they are.

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