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If you’re looking for some spring slope-side […]Ski season might feel far away—who can think about snow when it’s still 80 degrees outside and the school year just started?Even though you’re still in your summer wardrobe, it pays to think about powder days sooner rather than later.You meet a nice boy, he takes you out on a date, and everything is going great you ask him the all-important question: Do you ski? Your guy better know how to ski (and be damn good at it too!) because in the end, skiing is part of what makes you you. We certainly play a lot, but mostly for the sake of producing lifelong ski happines for our clients.We do offer instructions for all levels, either at alpine, snowboard or x-country.

I didn’t realize how ingrained skiing was for me until I had to patiently explain wind crust. It wasn’t that Nick was bad, exactly; he was just out of his comfort zone, hesitant and gawky.

” One run down the mountain sealed this guy’s fate, and just like that he was ghosted.

I know this sounds harsh, but all the lady skiers out there know what I’m talking about… So, here are the 15 Reasons Why I Won’t Date A Guy Who Can’t Ski: That’s it ladies…

Here are five of our favorite Colorado powder day videos from around the state.

I think my sister said it best, “I can’t date him because he can’t ski!

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