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Jaded after years of working under his moronic boss, Kif's storyline takes an unexpected turn for the adorable when he starts dating Amy.

Read an excerpt Read an interview with Alex about Book of Shadows "Compelling, frightening and exceptionally well-written, Book of Shadows is destined to become another hit for acclaimed horror and suspense writer Sokoloff.

She also had storylines on Grey's Anatomy and The Fosters and will be in the new series Modern Love , with Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Rapp, according to IMDb.

While Sokoloff has been clearly having a full life outside of Full House, here's hoping for a Gia cameo come Fuller House Season 2.

Amy is an astrophysics student at Mars University and can often be heard cursing in a combination of Cantonese and 31st-century slang.

#impressive Mom Mom is the owner of Mom Corp, the largest robot manufacturing company of the 31st century.

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