Son dambi dating

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However, it appears that once an individual makes an account for this app, it automatically uploads to the account, unlike Instagram or Twitter which needs to be manually posted.

It is possible to take the video down afterward immediately.

However, the truth is that they just have shared a friendly friendship with each other.

From 7th of February to 5th of March, they solidified their friendship by keeping in touch with each other in order to perform the musical “The Days”.

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[ 58, -0] A lot of male idols must've stopped themselves from using Kwai with their girlfriends ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. If he was still a Winner member and caused this, wow... Then recently, the former WINNER member was rumored to be dating Son Dam Bi after their 'Kwai' video spread online."I'm friends with Ryeo Won noona, and Dam Bi noona is her best friend.I got a message that I was in the middle of a scandal due to the selfies I’ve posted. s Seung Ri spent sweet time in Bali with Ellen Adarna, who is a Filipino model and actress”.I was trying the new app with Dam Bi, who I am close with as a friend. The app only worked when we were sitting close to each other. In photos released online, Seung Ri is having a sweet conversation with Adriana.

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