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You can however choose localhost, which will result in no updatesbeing downloaded unless your computer is already an update server.)- Open GUI: Open your browser, and visit:(Only works if you've configured the GUI first.

See the CLI commands for instructions.)- Enable on-access scanning: In the Welcome area click on Control, enter your username and password when prompted to, and click Enable On-access Scanning.- Disable on-access scanning: In the Welcome area click on Control, enter your username and password when prompted to, and click Disable On-access Scanning.- View Logs: In the "Welcome" area click on "Log Viewer", enter your username and password when prompted to, enter a date (eg: "Sat Jun 6 2015") in the "Display log entries after" box, choose a max number (eg: 200), and click "View Log".- Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux startup guide- Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux configuration guide- https:// "savscan -h"- "man savlog"- https:// Search UUID: [email protected] T--b8a Svei [email protected] A%9h F1W7Xa KVkkgmzoy MOY218Lq21YAz K#Qp JWtqo hollowface, Thanks for sharing!

However, if sync isn’t working, adjust your firewall settings to permit the desktop app internet access.

Usually, adding Dropbox to a list of applications with internet access resolves the issue.

sophos updating port-42

You can usually change your web-browser preferences so that it will download things to a directory of your choice, or so that it will always prompt for a save location before downloading anything.

I'll have to give the Sophos for Linux protection a chance, the instructions weren't laid out as simple as you've shown us.

Cat Your user folder is the one that's named after your user name, and will be in /home.

Hopefully some of our members & viewers can make use of this outstanding tutorial you've created.

I'm going to have to give this a shot on one of my Linux installs, to gain some experience & to see the effectiveness of the protection offered.

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