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The zoom interfaces have the drawback that only limited areas of the picture’s total surface at maximum resolution can be viewed at any given moment.Monitor Calibration In order to insure that the colors of your computer screen match those of the high standard digital image, regular monitor calibration is recommended.HMI light emits light that approximates optimal light temperature of c.6500 K, recommended by the Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage.For example, to expect Vermeer's to reveal its nuanced beauty in the faint light of the barely illuminated Kenwood House where the picture is permanently housed is to ask too much any painting, whatever its artistic merit.However, viewing digital images of artworks present important in respects to the original art works they represent.Only 20% reported any form of automated processing. Local changes with masks and filling in missing parts were made by 48% while 58% used sharpening.Respondents showed they were still lacking knowledge about the new systems and about critical aspects such as color...

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This practice, known as "visual editing," is widespread.

During the mid-1990s, in collaboration with other museums, universities and commercial enterprises, the National Gallery of London participated in a EC-supported MARC PROJECT (Methodology for Art Reproduction in Colour).

The project developed a new, large-format digital camera capable of making images up to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels.

To speed up image acquisition and bear heavy, continuous work, it was decided to employ the MARC II camera, already in use at the Library of Congress in Washington.

The National Gallery developed its own user interface to control the camera’s settings and the storage of images.

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