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The pumping station and the road got their name because the land in this area had belonged to the Abbey of Stratford Langthorne, which owned several mills. This building extending as far as Bridge Road, was originally the Borough Theatre and Opera House, erected in 1895.

He built this pumping station to raise the sewage about 36 feet from the low level of the East London sewers to the higher level beyond, which then carried the effluent by gravity to Barking and Thamesmead.

In 1832 he felt sufficiently confident to take passengers on a long journey on his steam bus called "The Infant".

He set out from Stratford early in the morning travelled to London Bridge at about 5 mph so as not to frighten the horses.

There is a second unnamed carved animal figure with a porcine snout in the same courtyard, but the latter has no accompanying notice giving its name or that of the sculptor. This is commemorated by a pub called the Carpenter's Arms situated in Carpenters Road.

Other Boundary markers of City Companies see Ironmongers and the Mercers Company. Part of the pottery lay under the apartments known as Central House 32-36 High Street.

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