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The gale first blew from the south, then veered to west-south-west and finally to north-west.The southern half of the country felt the full force of the storm and it was worst in London on the nights of Friday 26th November(OS) and Tuesday 30th November(OS), when bricks, tiles and stones flew about with such force, and were so numerous, that none dared venture forth from their homes.After the storm the price of tiles increased by about 300%.The tidal flood affecting the Thames on Sunday 30th(OS) was associated with this storm, though the tidal storm surge for this event was more significant on the Severn and along the Dutch coast.

The damage due to the storm and flood in London alone was estimated to be £ 2 000 000. On the south Wales coast, a tidal surge drove up the Bristol Channel, leaving the port of Bristol in ruins, and the hinterland under water. Considerable structural damage occurred across England & Wales, with large loss of standing timber (much as 1987/Oct).A notably foggy period in December 1708 (from 15th to 24th/OSP). Reputed to have been more severe, and more destructive and continued longer than in any year since 1698. (1.2 deg C or about 2.5C below all-series mean, which is a lot for the three months as a whole.) 2.For London/Southeast in particular, a cold spell which started on 7th January 1709(OSP) lasted for nearly two months, and it became so cold that the Thames froze over completely, with the usual 'booths & tents' being set up on the frozen surface.Earlier still, on the 12th, another severe gale affected the English Channel & southern North Sea.The 'final' storm marked the conclusion of the spell.])A 'great storm' affected the south English coast on the 11th August (OSP).

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