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An easy passage by ship down the river Medway and up the Thames.

The Romans used London to bring in all their vital goods from the rest of their empire particularly of course military equipment.

International trade through this port would have been mainly sheep's wool and woollen clothes for which Britain was famous.

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After Boudicca, over the next 200 years the Romans built "Londinium" into a fortified city of considerable wealth and comfort covering an area of some 330 acres surrounded by a wall 20 feet high.

Also of course the comforts they were used to including: Olive oil, wine, dates, figs and salted fish.

The containers would have been the typical earthenware jars of the day called Amphorae.

Roman London eventually stretched from the Tower (built 1000 years later) in the east to the Fleet River in the west.

London Wall was the northern boundary and over a bridge (on the site of present day London Bridge) to present day Southwark described the city limits in the south .

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