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When the conflict is resolved successfully, the person is able to develop the psychosocial quality associated with that particular stage of development.Learn more about each of the psychosocial stages, including the conflict confronted at each stage and the major events that occur during each point of development.

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” When Olive and I were in this stage of dating, we found it helpful to give ourselves a time frame so that our decision-making process would not drag on forever.Together they blog about thoughtful marriage, parenting, and life. The theory of psychosocial development created by Erik Erikson is perhaps one of the best known personality theories.More The third psychosocial stage occurs between the ages of about three and five and is centered on developing a sense of self-initiative.Children who are allowed and encouraged to engage in self-directed play emerge with a sense of strong initiative, while those who are discouraged from these activities may begin to feel a sense of guilt over their self-initiated activities.

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