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Naruto wanted no form of arrogance in his family, whether it was his future children, or that of his future wives. Han and Roshi did too since arrogance was a poison that could bring down some of the most power beings or entities in the world.The two Jinchuriki formerly of Iwa had wished to eventually leave Naruto's home, as well as the Leaf for a life of their own (with the Namikaze's blessing to do so of course), and find happiness they could call their own. In fact, he promised them both when Akatsuki was destroyed, they would be free to pursue a life away from Leaf, and choose their own path in life.Still, during that time, tension had shot up through the Elemental Countries, as Iwa was currently experiencing a civil war with the Sandaime Tsuchikage fighting his own Granddaughter Kurotsuchi for the right to rule Iwa, and it was causing quite the bit of upheaval on account of it being the old guard versus the new one.Jiraiya had been tasked with keeping an eye on it while Tsunade decided if she should interfere in some way and help the more open minded side Kurotsuchi wished to invoke within Iwa's walls.So when Anko arrived at the Namikaze Estates to give the meaningful apology for being a bitch did she stumble upon Tenten agreeing to going on a date with Naruto in the near future.

When it came to the issue of sleeping with Naruto, Anko had been first, and foremost a pervert on the situation with innuendos that made Hinata blush for over a week.two other female members in the clan hierarchy, or the fight did not count.Third, there would be no gloating from either side depending on who won, and if there was..match was nullified out of punishment for such arrogance.Hana had requested her own dogs be allowed to live in Naruto's home, which the young Namikaze accepted since he understood her bond she had with the animals, and let them move in without problems.All he asked was they not mark their territory all over the clan home and not make a mess of the house like some dogs were known to do.

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not updating since new heads added