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Face it – if we were all that lucky we would have already met a couple of nymphomaniac twins who own a bar.Instead, we have to learn some killer seduction techniques – techniques that just don’t fail to get laid tonight.Chances are that they might want to get laid tonight too. This is where things get really interesting and this is what separates those who are lucky from those who are good; those who get laid tonight from those who don’t.So you’ve picked out a woman that you find attractive and who fits our criteria for being open to seduction; what’s next? You need to observe her body language before you approach her and all the while that you are talking to her.That’s right; to and every night; we have to learn some stealth techniques that will enable us to score almost every time with the women we find attractive.

Traditional, casual or friends with benefits – they want to “get lucky” – and sometimes; it’s just sexual – you just want a no strings attached partner for some serious fun.

You also need to know how to send out the right “silent signals” of your own.

Words can be false and misleading; body language almost never lies.

If she glances away and then back; that is a sign of submissive behavior; and that is what you want to see.

It’s the first hint that you will While you are talking to her, don’t face her directly; but with your chest and shoulders at a slight angle to her.

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