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ANDREW HARDING: Amaterasu is a thoughtful, painfully shy 24-year-old who's twice tried to kill himself.

His day job is dull office work, but after hours, he's found something he now feels has given a focus to his life.

The book describes in explicit detail the pros and cons of various methods.

WATARU TSURUMI (AUTHOR, 'THE COMPLETE SUICIDE MANUAL'): There's nothing bad about suicide. It's not illegal, and we don't have any religion here in Japan telling us otherwise. As for group suicides - before the Internet, people would write letters or make phone calls. ANDREW HARDING: In Japan, suicide has always been closely linked to notions of honour: the patriotic sacrifice of Kamikaze pilots in World War II.

In October, nine people were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning in rented vehicles near Tokyo.

The suicides were organised by two women who met over the Internet and tried but failed in a previous attempt to kill themselves together.

Investigators found four charcoal stoves in the car that they believe the group used to poison themselves.

The vast majority of cases involve individuals acting alone.

They have claimed dozens of lives and shocked Japan over the past several years.

Tuesday's suicide of four young men and three women in the van would be the largest group suicide yet, the National Police Agency said.

The van windows were sealed with vinyl tape from the inside and the seven were found slumped over in their seats, the spokesman said.

A woman sat in the driver's seat, while the six others sat in two rows behind her.

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