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Before they had finished the forty second, driving repetitive intro to the main riff, everyone but Sammy had begun to softly add their instrument’s voice to that ‘ -.-- / -.-- / --... All of our mouth’s dropped open when Eda and Cathy beat out a beautiful combined version of the transitional drum section. I smiled back at my girlfriend when she suddenly switched to a more far-eastern sounding quality of keyboarding. After she put out two measures of that new sound, Sammy and I quickly changed our guitar tonal sounds to match up with Cano’s keyboard.

Before the girls led us into the main body of their song, I waved my arm and called for a break in the action. “Do what you gotta do and we’ll see,” I chuckled and winked at my main man. When the three of us eased out of that forty second, Asian centered sound, Eda and Cathy went to town on their drums.

The Masciotro girls smiled at each other and laughed.

Eda then said, “Mikey asked us when we were practicing it, ‘why you playing that YYZ code?

Go watch Rush performed it live, if you haven’t already done so!

) As we idly chatted about this great spring break weather and going to look at some muscle cars with me, E looked at her sister from across the kitchen counter and softly asked her sister, “Should I, or do you want to ask ‘bout ... ” “I’ll do it,” Lisa replied as Sammy and Paul moved back from the pensive young girl.

After I gulped down the last of my Coke, I picked up my Silverburst guitar and slipped the strap over my head.

When Lynette saw me with my guitar, she read my mind and walked behind her Yamaha keyboards. ” Eda asked her sister as she readjusted her tiny butt on her throne.

Sammy’s Guest House pm, Wednesday, March 28, 1979 “Holy moly! “We, uh, came up with that bass and drum line after Mikey, our little brother, tapped out the Morse code pattern, ‘ -.-- / -.-- / --...“We’re real glad to have you with us, E and Lisa ...learning our songs and bringing good stuff like this,” I reiterated from behind the kitchen counter.Her arm movements were ballet smooth and graceful looking, yet she struck her drums and cymbals with amazingly vicious force. ” Lisa exclaimed at the conclusion of this four-and-a-half minute instrumental jam.E simply hung her head for a moment to regroup and regain her breath, while Paul moved beside Lisa and gave the young bassist his version of the Vulcan neck pinch. During that chilled organ part, do you think that one of you may be able to spruce it up a tad with a relatively mild guitar riff?

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