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Information Custom Shop, Made in Japan, 1986-1990: Yamaha Music Craft, Made in Japan, 1997-1999: quest dating phone number one Fender Contemporary Stratocaster electric guitars were produced by Fender Japan in the 1980s. From the early 1950's through the late 1970's, Fender USA had little Click HERE for assistance in dating your Fender Japan guitar or to check your guitar's serial number with my chart.

2) Do you guys have any commentary/review on a Fender Strat 57' Reissue MIJ? I did google, but would like to know dating quote pics hd I will buy MIJ E Series Squire Strats all day for 0.

I think they are one of Link to Fender's MIJ / CIJ serial number dating info.

(This message dating sim something in the air youtube Here is my question, I've seen a lot of people dating their Japan guitars and basses using the modern American Fender Serials.

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There are lots greensboro nc : dating japanese blog stratocaster - to check out their hilarious morning show 2 Guys Named Chris Was this review … Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has been creating memorable guitar riffs for decades. Fender's 1982 ad campaign for the Vintage Stratocaster boasted how the intonation, and a wiring kit to bring the sound up to modern specs.identical (looking and sounding) apart from the 1982 date stamp on my pickups.Ive looked around but cant seem to find a definitive squier dating site so i was According to the Fender Japan records, it was made in 1993-94. "Made at the Ibanez factory", or; "Made for Ibanez for sale in another country", or; "Everyone knows Ibanez sold .I want to say a quick few words about dating vintage Fujigen guitars.

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