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"Alright, if it will make you feel better." So I got on my knees and started rubbing her gently behind her neck."mmmm, go a little harder honey, mmmmm, thats just the spot".I kept on rubbing her back and I noticed she started falling asleep."mmmm yea honey, keep on going, right there..........." She finally fell asleep, but I kept on rubbing her anyways, just to relax her body.We go so fast that when our pussies slammed together, water flew all over the floor!

I have always been jelous of my mothers body, but never really thought of her in a sexual way until........."AHHHHHHHHHH! "My stupid boss fired me for no reason, I have been working everyday for the past two weeks, and I have been early everyday!

"mmmmm mom, this is so good" I then slid my tounge into her pussy and at the same time sucked on her lips.

I reached over and massaged her boob as I did this. " I took off my shorts and positioned my pussy on her face, she didnt hesitate.

My boobs bounced up and down because i took off my bra rather quickly, and you could totally see my nipples getting hard and pointy.

I slowly massaged my mothers nippled with my index finger and my thumb.

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