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A new friend they'll be joining on tour is Demi Lovato.

This fall, MKTO will join her along with Christina Perri on a world tour.

She eventually slowed the show down by sitting down at a piano and simply playing – which was PHENOMENAL.

According to her, she wanted to put “elements” of herself that she’s “never put into a show before,” which meant, for her, playing classical piano in front of people.

” In the break between acts, motivational speaker Spencer West spoke to the audience.Some of the songs on the album are pure pop rock while others have more of an R&B feel.Kelley and Oller may still be experimenting musically and finding their sweet spot, but they do know that they'll be doing it together and having a blast in the process. Theatre of the Living Arts334 South St., 215-922-1011 August 6, 6 p.m.Her energy and passion bleed into her performances, and that truly makes her unforgettable. Between having their single, "Classic," go platinum and getting ready for a world tour with Demi Lovato and Christina Perri, it's pretty good to be Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, also known as MKTO, right now. Both Kelley and Oller say they had trouble fitting in when they were growing up.

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