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With the shoe on the other foot, I realized those emails were comforting even though I was well aware of the problem.

But I did take time to quickly tap out a response to people who replied to the spam coming from my hijacked account. Because took the time and effort to give me a heads up that I had a problem. I figured these people knew they’d been compromised and I didn’t need to respond.

Even though there isn’t a strong mainstream market for poetry, the opportunities for self-published poetry books in independent markets are growing.

In order to keep publishing markets open to poets everywhere, consider subscribing to literary magazines and journals, or consider supporting the work of other poets who are self-published.

On a lark, I checked Yahoo’s ‘View your recent login activity’ link.

Upon getting home I went about securing my account.

I’ve had a Yahoo account for over 10 years without a problem, even as I moved my business accounts over to Gmail.

Shouldn’t my security questions have been presented in this scenario? I also have location history turned on, so it’s not just my own manually saved locations (some of which are ancient), but Yahoo’s automated location technology keeping track of me. A simple rule set could have been applied here where users are asked to validate identity if the login (even a successful one) is outside of a 500 mile radius of any prior location.

It will require that you add a mobile phone number and verify it via a text message.

Universities and small presses are the heart of contemporary poetry, so do the proper research and send your queries their way.

The bottom line: Many poets are competing to publish their poems as poetry collections or chapbooks.

Traditional, big publishing houses typically do not publish the work of unknown or moderately known poets because there simply isn’t a large audience that is willing to plunk down money for poetry.

And because there’s little money in poetry, literary agents tend not to represent poets (with the exception of the very famous). But the good news is that poetry writers now have a strong alternative to the big New York publishing houses—self-publishing their own work! If you’re interested in having total control over the process and product of publishing your poetry collection or chapbook, you might want to consider self-publishing.

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