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“We saw working class girls walk out of their dorms to visit boys, and the privileged girls would say, ‘why are you wearing that?

’", economic inequality drove many of the differences in the ways the women talked about appropriate sexual behavior.

All but five or six of the women practiced “slut-shaming,” or denigrating the other women for their loose sexual mores.

But they conflated their accusations of “sluttiness” with other, unrelated personality traits, like meanness or unattractiveness.

They are like extras.”The rampant slut-shaming, Armstrong found, was only a symptom of the women’s entrenched classism.

The rich ones saw it as “trashiness,” or anything that implied an inability to dress and behave like an upper-middle-class person.

One woman, for example, “noted that it was acceptable for women to ‘have a short skirt on’ if ‘they’re being cool’ but ‘if they’re dancing really gross with a short skirt on, then like, oh slut.’”The poorer women, meanwhile, would regard the richer ones as “slutty” for their seeming rudeness and proclivity for traveling in tight-knit herds.

But more importantly, the allegations of sluttiness had little to do with real-life behavior.

The woman with the most sexual partners in the study, a rich girl named Rory, also had the most sterling reputation—largely because she was an expert at concealing her sexual history.“Rory was going to lie till the day she died,” Armstrong said.

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