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Slavic mothers bring up children in a spirit of respect and discipline.They teach children to work hard and respect the elders.We are convinced that the truth is somewhere in the middle.A lot of socio-cultural and psychological research, as well as the emergence of the internet, which almost erased the boundaries between the Western and Eastern worlds, gave us the opportunity to study this topic and provide you with the most objective review of the differences between Slavs and Western women.The main distinguishing feature of the character of the Slavs, which can be seen at a close acquaintance, is a special attitude towards a man, as an unofficial leader in all aspects of life.Even if the relationship between a man and a woman is purely friendly (or even businesslike), the Slavic women show a great respect for a man.They have retained the concept of “family hearth” in its original form and do not allow anyone from outside to influence this.

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Con un breve comentario resumiendo cómo nos fue será suficiente y ayudaremos a otros usuarios que como nosotros tendrán dudas a que empresa de mudanzas escoger.However, a great many of Slavic women indeed are exquisite and have an attractive figure.Therefore, the popularity of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians among Western men has a strong “external” foundation.Every Western man, regardless of nationality, heard stories about the beauty of the Slavs.Some people believe this is a myth, but some are convinced that this is true and aspire to marry Ukrainian woman.

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