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Cut dough into manageable pieces and roll as if making breadsticks, about 3/4 inch in diameter. Note: At this point, if not being served in the context of a meatless Christmas Eve dinner, all this needs is some kiełbasa, and perhaps some good mustard. Seed Roll Recipe Dough: In many areas of Eastern Europe, more specifically Slovakia, Carpatho-Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Byelorus, a strict-fast Holy Supper or Svjatyj Vecer is observed on Christmas Eve. Tone 4 – Your Nativity, O Christ our God, * has shone to the world the light of understanding! * Since for our sake the Eternal God was born as a little child!To make the dill sauce by melting 2 tablespoons butter in small saucepan. Add broth and, whisking constantly, bring to a slow boil. Temper sour cream with 1 or 2 small ladles of broth mixture, then add tempered sour cream back into the sauce, whisking until smooth.Add 3 tablespoons chopped fresh dill, and adjust seasonings. Vushka Dumplings Recipe The recipe for this Ukrainian mushroom-filled dumpling or is from “Kramarczuk’s Family Classics” by Orest & Katie Kramarczuk (Beavers Pond Press, 2013).Why the recipe for the “vushka”‘s dough includes milk and cream cheese? ) filled dumplings made from the same dough as varenyky (perogie), maybe softer.

Store-bought pickled herring can be drained and wrapped around your choice of dill pickles, pickled mushrooms or onion.It’s also a great edible gift, but it must be refrigerated. Makes 12 servings of Dried Fruit Compote Ukrainian Christmas Bread Recipe – Kolach This recipe for Ukrainian Christmas bread or kolach is a slightly sweet yeast bread that is braided and shaped into an oblong loaf or three round braids stacked one on top of the other.In the latter case, a candle is placed in the middle and is an essential part of the Christmas Eve supper (Sviata Vechera).* For by it, those who worshipped the stars, * were taught by a star to adore You, * the Sun of Righteousness, * and to know You as the Orient from on high. Tone 3 – Today the Virgin gives birth to the Trancendent One, * and the earth offers a cave to the unapproachable One! The father breaks the bread, first making the sign of the cross on the bottom of the loaf with the knife, and gives a piece to each member of the family.The bread is a symbol of Christ, the Bread of Life. Oplatky (Christmas Wafers) with Honey Wine Mushroom Soup Pagach Bobalky Fish, Beans, Peas, Sauerkraut Mixed Dried Fruits or Stewed Prunes Assorted Fresh Fruits Mixed Nuts Nut and Poppyseed Rolls Rozky Coffee There’s a cookbook called the Ukrainian Daughters Cookbook. It has all the traditions and the recipes for all Ukrainian holidays. I like using the Perohy filling for the Pyrizka and love the last recipe for the dill cream!

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