Updating acer aspire one st cloud fl dating

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It also gets a dim display, but if you’re fine with these aspects, this computer could be a great buy.

Disclaimer: I’ve spent about 2 weeks with an Acer Aspire R14 R5-471Ts test-sample and in this post I’m going to share with you my in-depth impressions gathered during this time.

(I know 64-bit is a bit incongruous with the small RAM, but still)Well, this is weird, since my Switch 10 SW5-012 has all dropdowns in the Security tab disabled (just shows the text), and tapping the green headings like "Erase all Secure Boot Setting" also does nothing.

I must have a more locked-down firmware than you did, somehow, and updating my original 1.18 to the latest 1.20 doesn't change anything. If you wish to use the legacy boot media you have, see Acer's directions for that at However, you can generate UEFI-compatible media with some utilities, such as Macrium Reflect Free,

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It gets a 14-inch IPS touchscreen, a really well built body made of a mix of aluminum and rubbery plastic, Skylake hardware and SSD storage.

The secret to getting Windows 10 on this device is to boot with an OTG USB adapter. I pulled my hair out for quite a while before I tried an OTG micro USB adapter directly in the tablet and not standard USB in the keyboard port.

Still need to use RUFUS to create a GPT patirion scheme for UEFI computer, formatted for FAT32 along with a 32-bit version of Windows 10.

I want to do a virus scan undependable of its own windows and I want to make an image of the system as it is now.

I tried several ways of installing the EFI BIOS but I can't get it working.

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