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Note that while the original network is WPA-2 protected, the fake AP we have created is an open network (which is a huge giveaway stopping most people from making the mistake of connecting to it).Anyways, I connected to the fake AP, and the DNS and DHCP windows (left ones), reacted accordingly. For some people, you'll have to open your browser and try to open a website (say facebook.com) to get this page to show up.Also, I ran the installer script twice and that messed up with some of the apt-get settings.I suggest that after installation is complete, you restore your /etc/apt/to it's original state, and remove the bleeding edge repositories (unless you know what you're doing).

Disclaimer : Use this tool only on networks you own . The first thing I did was make sure that Kali doesn't already have this tool.

What this means : As of now, this tutorial is useless.

If you can find the source code for Fluxion, then you can use it and continue with the tutorial. At the time of updating this post, the latest version was v2 rev 8.

Maybe if you are reading this post a long time after it was written, then you might have the tool pre-installed in Kali.

In any case, try this out: Update : There seems to be some legal trouble with Fluxion.

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