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In some cases we support loading SPL and U-Boot over the network because of ROM support.In some cases, a special build of U-Boot may be required.Starting with Sitara Linux SDK 6.0 the location of the toolchain has changed and for non ARM 9 devices a new Linaro based toolchain will be used.Details about the change in toolchain location can be found here.If you have more than one device plugged in you will need to use the options that dfu-util provides for specifying a single device to work with.Finally, while one could build a U-Boot that supports both DFU writing to NAND and DFU writing to SD or e MMC, it would result in a more complicated environment to work from, so this has been avoided.

If you did not use a separate object directory: The default behavior of U-Boot is to utilize all information that a DHCP server passes to us when the user issues the dhcp command.

The latest release has been validated in the following hardware configurations.

If your hardware platform is not listed below you can either use the release provided in the SDK for your device or try this u-boot release and provide feedback on issues encountered so they can be addressed in a future release.

If your distribution does not provide this package you will need to build it from source.

Second, the examples that follow assume a single board is plugged into the host PC.

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