Updating electrical wiring old home

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All technical specifications, material type, environmental ratings, operating temperature and dimensions are identical and remain unchanged.

The old and new part numbers are engineered and manufactured on the same production lines and are identical in all specifications and are only different in outside packaging graphics.

You may also want to specify ranges for some parameters (for example, if the Moto Wizard suggested 14 cells, you might want to try 12 to 16 cells). from the Project menu, type in a name for your project, and click OK. button to generate an in-flight analysis (if you specified any ranges in step 2 above, you will get a static analysis, from which you can pick one result and click the In-flight... A summary of the project (motor, battery, speed control, airframe, etc.) appears at the top of the analysis.

This will fill in the Moto Calc Workbench window with settings corresponding to the selected suggestion.

At this point, you can modify any of the parameters that you wish.

These straight and right angle (90�) liquid-tight non-metallic connectors are made to fit our line of flexible liquid-tight PVC electrical tubing.

Used together, they ensure leak-proof integrity on motors, processing equipment, pumps, etc. Choose these liquid-tight flexible tubing connectors for: NOTE (): The manufacturer has changed part numbers on the straight connector fittings and flex tubing.

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