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Creating new, localized screen captures is a precise and time-consuming task that must be scheduled relatively early in your localization project.

If screen capture localization is required, the following best practices should be followed: .

When you publish a Power BI Desktop file, the dataset and any reports you created in Power BI Desktop are uploaded to your Power BI site.

When you re-publish your Power BI Desktop file, the dataset in your Power BI site will be replaced with the updated dataset from the Power BI Desktop file.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or even Corel Draw files that contain text are usually saved to a derivative format like EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) for documents or GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) for websites to reduce file storage.

Go to page 3 for specifics regarding graphic localization.

If your software is being localized into a target language, it is highly likely that all of your source language screenshots or screen captures will need to be recreated in the target language.

In other words, after your software localization is complete, someone will need to create new language version screen captures that display target language user interface content instead of the original English.

Most discussions on translation and localization projects focus on text content in documentation, websites or software user interfaces.

Graphics containing text also need to be translated or localized.

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