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There are some minor video quality performance issues, some major load-time performance issues, no SACD playback, and no decoding for high-resolution soundtrack formats like Dolby True HD or DTS-HD Master Audio.Not to mention that there's another similarly priced Sony product currently available that does essentially everything the BDP-S300 does plus a whole lot more: the Play Station 3.Features The main feature of the BDP-S300, of course, is its ability to play Blu-ray discs.It can also play standard-definition DVDs and upconvert them to higher resolutions (more on that below).There's also no backlighting, although that's not a common feature on Blu-ray player remotes.Sure, it's not nearly as bad as the remote on the Panasonic DMP-BD10A, but you'd still be wise to pick up a nice universal remote.realizing i hadn't updated the firmware in the player in some time, i decided to update.

Unlike almost all Blu-ray players we've reviewed, the BDP-S300 somehow does without prominent, glowing blue front panel buttons.The BDP-S300 can play standard audio CDs, along with MP3 and JPEG files burned on CDs and DVDs.The BDP-S300 has support for standard Dolby Digital and DTS surround soundtracks, and it also has support for the slightly higher quality Dolby Digital Plus format.Design While Sony may be known for the glitzy exteriors of its HDTVs, home theater systems, and yes, game consoles, the BDP-S300's design is pure understatement.The simple rectangular component sports a LED display on the bottom half of its face, and in the upper right section there are some basic playback controls, including handy chapter forward and backward buttons.

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not updating since new heads added