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This format does not preserve the page layout of your document.As someone resizes the browser window, the layout of the document changes.We continue to make steady and encouraging progress towards our million per month target.

You might want to do this, for example, when you have a form letter, lease document or any other situation where an existing document will provide all the basic content for a new document (and you don't want to lose the existing document).

Even though it was the traditionally slow summer vacation period, we managed to maintain our overall sales volume levels.

I am very encouraged by this because I see it as more evidence of a pattern of consistency that has been emerging that demonstrates that we are capable of sustaining our performance levels over time, in spite of seasonal and cyclical market fluctuations.

You can save the document as a conventional webpage (HTML format) or as a single-file webpage (MHTML format).

With HTML format, any supporting files (such as images) are stored in a separate folder that is associated with the document.

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